Animation process

To bring characters to life we need a few things. A succesful character starts with a good design and a clear vision. We can take your idea and transform it into moving living being. But first we need to do a few things. Firstly we’ll sketch your character to make sure we’re on the right track, make adjustments & re-present it to you before starting the modelling process.

Once we have a three dimensional character we need to make it move. This is called ‘rigging’ and it’s the process of giving the character an internal structure so that they can┬ámove. Think of it as the digital muscle and bones of your character – you never see them but it’s what makes the character live. Controls are created that make the computer model move & it can soon become a complicated task – what to know the equation for making a wheel role across a surface ? Basically if it needs to move it needs a control.

Once all the controls are created we test the 'rig' to check the movement is as expected and check the character is capable of delivering a performance that you and the viewer deserves. An animated test is called an 'animatic' - it's a great way to show the story we are telling as early as possible. The focus is on the content and not the style - does what we're trying to communicate work ?

The next stage is to render the character - making it look as good as it deserves before inserting it into the programme.

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