Endless House Realtime Interactive

Hot Knife Digital Media developed a real-time, multi user experience, using Blender, Unity and the Spatial game engine to bring Friedrich Kiesler’s Endless house to life.

The first stage of the project was to retopologise the highly detailed scanned data of the original model of the house. We transferred the original textures to a reconstructed model, which included additional details such as stairways and water features, which the original scan lacked.

Next we moved on to creating the surrounding environment using Blender. The courtyard design was based on the Museum of Modern Art in New York, as this location was a proposed site for the original house to be displayed. We then exported the architecture and various furniture items to use in the Unity game engine with the Spatial SDK

To further optimise the performance of the experience at runtime, we used Unitys light baking to save all of the light and shadows to a set of lightmaps. This would reduce the processing power needed to produce the environments lighting. For additional control, we used a similar method in Blender on the main house model itself.

Finally we needed a straightforward method to switch between the two house models.We used an event trigger to switch between the two versions of the house when the users avatar passed through a clearly signposted archway.


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