Jason and the Adventure of 254

It was a great pleasure to be so involved in Jason Wilsher-Mills latest exhibition at the Wellcome Collection’s  “Jason and the Adventures of 254”.

Working closely with Jason and the Wellcome Collection, Hot Knife developed Jason’s sketches to 3D designs ready for the model makers to create the final gallery items. The gallery exhibits were a combination of 3D prints, direct from our designs to hand build fibreglass statues. Our role was to work as a bridge between Jason’s ideas and the model makers to turn concept sketches into three-dimensional objects.

The Wellcome gallery is a large area, so we initially laid out to scale, the space with early mock-ups of items that would make up the exhibition. This gave everyone a good indication of the size and positions of items we would be working with. It’s very easy to try things out in 3D before committing to a layout. Ideas can be visualised as static images, animations or even viewed in VR.

The centre piece of the exhibition is the 5m figure in a bed. This went through several digital revisions before being handed over to the model makers. We modelled the figure and the bed in detail using Blender and Zbrush and provided 3D assets for printing.

We were also able to supply animated rotations of the models for viewing at every angle, which helps communicate what the final design would look like in-situ.

Throughout the exhibition is the theme of small soldiers carrying a virus, again we took Jason’s concepts and transferred them to 3D objects for 3D printing, which gives very faithful replication our design after traversing several design iterations.

It wouldn’t be a Jason Wilsher-Mills exhibition without stirrups, these larger-than-life boots were developed from sketches, designed in 3D by Hot Knife and created in fibreglass for the exhibition.

The theme of the exhibition is disability in a light hearted take, throughout Jason’s hospital time he watched Seb Coe in a famous race on TV at the end of his bed. This was visualised by a life sized statue with the body of Lord Coe and the head of a TV showing the race unfold. Built by hand in fibreglass Hot Knife created several iterations of the required design to communicate to the modeller the require form.

So from the initial layout to the final design of items we’re very proud of the exhibition and really enjoyed the project. The exhibition is well worth a visit and is running until January 25th.

More information about the exhibition can be found here : Wellcome Collection

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