Natural History Interactives

Hot Knife produced five unique, touch-free interactives for Wollaton Hall, for their Transformation Project. The interactives were comissioned for their permanent Natural History collection and the temporary exhibition ‘Disapperaing worlds’ by renowned artist Willard Wigan.

To make the digital interactives as simple as possible, Hot Knife developed upon their previous Ultraleap experience, using the camera and tracking solution that captures all the subtlety and complexity of natural hand movements allowing for a touch-free interaction for the 5 digital kiosks.

Photogrammetry is the process by which objects or scenes in the real-world are photographed or scanned and converted into digital assets.

For museums photogrammetry is an ideal way to digitise a collection, especially 3D objects.

We took images of the taxidermied animals to create a photometric, anatomically accurate, Hyena for the interactive: ‘The Art of Taxidermy’. This interactive allows the user to explore how a taxidermy model is constructed and what parts of the animal are real.

Each interactive was created using the Unity 3D game engine, specifically tailored to integrate seamlessly with the hand-tracking sensors and the physical exhibit space. Throughout any project, rigorous user-testing across all ages and abilities ensures a fair mitigation of foreseeable eventualities.
Typically a project’s workflow follows a standard parallel structure:


3D/Digital Assets Realtime Interactive
3D Creation & Construction App design & layout template. UI & UX
Texturing & Mapping App framework setup
Rigging & Animation Scene creation & initial import of digital assets
Lighting Programming functionality
Optimisation UI interactivity & navigation
Export of assets for Realtime Interactive Refactoring perfomance with final assets
Build & testing

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