Product Visualisations

Hot Knife digital media created a range of in-situ and studio product renders for Pressac. These stills and short animations were created using the supplied CAD models, which were optimised for animation and rendering purposes.

Creating digital ‘twins’ of the clients products maximises the cost of creating these assets and means they can be used across all forms of promotional media including print, video and even AR.

To allow for flexibility and to enhance the speed of any alterations across the project as a whole, we used a linked project workflow between the studio and in-situ shots. This meant that any changes of materials or geometry on the main studio products would automatically be updated to their in-situ counterparts. This drastically sped up our ability to implement the feedback of our end client.

Once the range of shots were set up and finalised, we provided the client with the high quality 4k stills and in-situ renderings.

Versions of the studio stills were also provided as Photoshop files, with the elements from the renders separated into multiple layers to allow the end user maximum flexibility in their usage.

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