Virtual Studio Templates

Hot Knife digital media have created many virtual studios and spaces, initially during the Covid lockdowns, to enable global companies to create engaging virtual conferences for a multitude of corporate communications from Sales to Training, Marketing to Panel Discussions.

During Covid we helped a global internal comms team to pre-visualise and then produce a virtual meeting space as a concept for a covid-cancelled conference. We modelled a 3D virtual TV studio, rendering out virtual camera moves between screens within the studio, to mimic standard news & current affairs TV programmes. We then exported the virtual camera moves and screen positions, enabling us to create a 3D template within Adobe compositing software. The template enabled both ourselves and any third-party editors to dynamically swap the content on the virtual screens to any video, from pre-recorded vox-pops to Q&A sessions with multiple guests, and even change the environment outside the window!

With a template created, all associated files, or placeholders, can be collected and collated and shared via anyone using an industry-standard Adobe Creative Suite workflow. This workflow allowed for a fast and flexible approach as an alternative to a standard ‘Teams’ or ‘Zoom’ style presentation.

Since Covid the trend has continued and expanded allowing for greater creativity within video production.

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