2D/3D animation, Motion graphics, Character animation.

Video Production

High-quality video editing and production.

Cross-Platform Development

Application development. Mobile apps, video games, web utilities.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Bespoke Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences for all platforms.

2D or 3D animation

The beauty of an animated video is that you can take your message anywhere you want. You can show how your product functions, create compelling graphics to illustrate how your services can boost sales or even create a memorable character to enliven your brand. Whether it’s explaining complex medical procedures, demonstrating architecture or products yet to be built or motion graphics and titles to enliven a programme, we’ve got the in-house experience to produce it. We’ve got a quarter of a century experience in making animations and will make sure you’re integral to the production process at every step throughout the entire production, from concept to script & storyboarding to reviewing low resolution previews of the animation to the final result.

Video Production

A video production can be purely edited film footage or greatly enhanced by incorporating motion graphics, animated presenters or characters.  These can all be  seamlessly composited into any programme to enliven your production and differentiate it from others. Let us use our experience in animation special effects and compositing to extend the versatility of any production you require.
Or why not look at virtual reality 360° video for a virtual tour or production with a difference.

Augmented Reality and Virtual reality

Augmented and virtual reality are both relatively new mediums but we’ve already gained a lot experience in both, since producing our first augmented cross platform application in 2013 we’ve produced multiple projects for both virtual and augmented applications.

Cross-platform Development

Media is now accessed across so many forms of medium, we can deliver on all. We’ve produced applications for Ios, Android, WebGL, Web & Html 5. From standalone VR applications to web enabled three dimensional interactive play things.

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